Do you want to learn how to do more with less?

OLSET’s Principal Researcher, Anthi Theiopoulou MSc, provides all the answers for your organization to achieve more with less in her first book “Doing More With Less; Organizational Learning and the OLSET tool“.

Book Synopsis:

Make your organization ready for any future.

The newest paradigm in management strategy is organizational learning (OL), an approach that allows businesses to learn and improve over time.

In this in-depth overview, theory intersects with practice to prepare leaders to apply OL knowledge in their organizations. It includes the most current research in operationalizing OL, which the author conducted at the University of Liverpool between 2011 and 2012.

The information is laid out in three parts:
– Background knowledge required to skillfully implement OL tools
– Theory and research behind the components of the OL equation
– A customizable OL management system named OLSET to apply directly in your organization

The new Organizational Learning Self-Evaluation Tool (OLSET) allows leaders to conduct an OL capacity audit and plan change, ensuring that their businesses have a continuous competitive advantage, regardless of market conditions.

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