Why using OLSET?

Even though Organizational Learning (OL) has been widely considered the innovation of management since the ’60s (Forrester, 1961), its operationalization, i.e. the ability to apply it widely, remained a mystery until now.

Peter Senge characteristically says in 1990 that “the innovation of OL” has not yet been invented even though it is in great demand, defining “innovation” according to the engineering science which means the ability to replicate OL application at high quality, at any scale and type of organization and with low cost (Senge 1990, p4-5). Since then, so many scholars have pointed out the need for OL’s operational tool that OL’s operationalizations is now the second most referenced gap of the filed (Theiopoulou, 2012).

The very accurate article about OL and the gap of its operationalization by Stanford’s Social Innovation Review published in 2011 can be found here (https://ssir.org/articles/entry/the_challenge_of_organizational_learning). The authors point out that even though OL is increasingly popular among leaders of all sectors, they all face the problem of how to operationalize it i.e. how to practically apply it and seize its value. Specifically the authors identify three major gaps: operationalization of learning goals, operationalization of learning incentives and operationalization of the rest of the OL function of the organization.

Fortunately and finally, OLSET fills in all these gaps! If you want to know in detail why you should use OLSET, read the above article – we couldn’t have created a better advertisement for OLSET ourselves.

Now OLSET, OL’s operational tool, developed 100% through scientific research, is available through the book “Doing More with Less: Organizational Learning and the OLSET tool” if leaders or consultants want to apply it on their own, and through our auditing and consulting services if they need help in applying it.

We are still developing the OLSET software (SaaS) in order to make it available even more easily, more broadly and more cheaply for all which will also uniquely allow OL application at large scale organizations like international Institutions, Development Projects of the Aid community and whole countries.

Contact us to learn how you can use OLSET today.