OLSET is a methodology and a software which make Organizational Learning strategy accessible to all. It consists of a simple self-evaluation that organizations can use, involving each individual, to improve their company’s natural ability to learn and thus improve their decision making, enhance their performance and accelerate profitable growth.

The tool works by putting groups or teams of employees into a simple cyclical self-evaluation and improvement process, in a fully self-organized and yet rigorous way, by penetrating at the information flow level. Therefore, by working at the decision making level of the whole organization, OLSET gradually changes the culture and the whole systemic structure. It thus represents a system-level intervention which will enhance communications throughout the whole organization with online tools supporting an accountable process of evaluation and action taking.

According to the evaluation conducted at the University of Liverpool in 2011-2012, OLSET is the only operational tool of OL fully developed through scientific research (vs. empirical observation) and its beneficial impact, even at its prototype version, is significant. OLSET achieved positive score in all 16 evaluation items but three. Most importantly, the prototype, scored (in a scale of -2 to 2):
1.2 regarding positive impact on management’s practice quality
1.0 regarding impact on performance improvement; and
1.1 regarding a high level of profit-generation capacity if adopted

We are continuing the OLSET research by currently testing the OLSET scale in Kenyan organizations while Hungarian ones will follow.

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